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Affiliate Advertising Template: Growing An Online Business & Making Recurring Revenue

Campaign performance:

Affiliate Advertising Template; Growing an online business

Customer Of The Week 🎉 ​​ Wassili Birbilis, Funnel and business automation consultant, Online Business Pro is a company based in the Netherlands and focuses on helping companies internationally find digital products, or services to grow their business. As well as this, Wassili has helped thousands of individuals start their online selling careers which was his aim with this campaign. 

Here’s how Wassili easily produced winning Facebook and Instagram Ads for his online business, and started to fill up his course for online marketers with relevant traffic.


Campaign Setup

Although it can be argued that Google often provides a higher CTR, Wassili wanted to reach out to new potential customers/buyers. This template is from his first campaign with Adline, and at this stage he wanted to test the market…

…who is clicking on his ads, what did they end up doing on his website, and now with the new analytics feature, he would now be able to see what is working on his website and what should be improved.

Facebook Ad Template

Headline: Make your first sale within 5 days


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Target audience

Facebook Audience:

Wassili chose to use a mix of well-known business strategists for his Facebook Audience. His experience has shown him that those that have expressed an interest in certain thought leaders are often looking to do the same.

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