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How Feelgood Used Adline To Successfully Expand Into 4 New Gym Locations

Campaign performance

Gym studio advertising - Owner Solveig present

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Solveig Onstad, Franchise Owner at Feelgood is a highly innovative gym concept. Feelgood is an organized gym studio that mainly targets men and women over 35+ years old, and combines circuit training with power-assisted exercise equipment.

Solveig has been expanding this fast-growing gym franchise into 4 new locations in less than 15 months. Her latest studio acquired 150 new members in the very first month, and maxed it out with 200 members in month two. In this winning template of the week, we’ll break down Solveig’s strategies & results.


Campaign Strategy

When Solveig Onstad wants to expand into new locations, she uses two different campaigns in her advertising strategy;

1) The first campaign is an “Opening” or “Launch”-campaign.
This campaign is launched several weeks before the new studio has been opened. The objective is to create hype and a sense of urgency to join the new gym studio (before it is filled up).

Examples are; “Finally, Feelgood comes to [city]! We are opening the doors on August 6th. Book a free trial session here [link]”

Even before the new gym studio has been opened, Solveig has already generated many new leads that have booked their first free session. And once Solveig has got a lead on the inside, her closing rate is a whopping 80-90%!

2) The second is a “Don’t miss out”-campaign. (Remarketing)
The new studio has been opened, new members have already signed up for their membership. Now, it is time to retarget the ones who visited the website initially but didn’t convert and continue the momentum.

Examples; “Book a free session today” is the main message. Suitable for both men and women. No one is too weak or old. Here, you train to feel good! Start now


Campaign Setup

Testing different creatives and angles: One of the keys behind Solveig’s success is her willingness to use original content and imagery, and to test different angles and messaging. In the screenshot below, you can see the different ads she has run as well as some key metrics.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Testing Multiple Creatives;

Facebook Ad Copy Template

Headline: Finally, Feelgood comes to [CITY]!

Ad Description:

Feelgood now opens in Heggedal!

We are opening the doors to this fantastic public health concept on 10th September, and YOU are most welcome to book a free trial session to find out if this is something for you.

Feelgood has helped thousands of people to improve their health.

Do you want to join?

CTA: Book a free trial lesson here 👇🏼


Target audience

Facebook Interests/Pages:

None (only demographics)