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Simplifying advertising & analytics

Our mission: Help businesses worldwide grow and succeed online by simplifying advertising and analytics.


The Adline values

Extreme Ownership

We take full responsibility.​

Team Players

One for all, all for one.


We test new things.
We face difficulties.


Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS).

Who is behind Adline?

Adline is a SaaS company specialized in MarTech, founded by Jo Hansael and Carl-Wilhelm Vedvik. The day-to-day management of Adline is composed of people with strong backgrounds from tech, operations, product, and marketing/advertising.

Mikael Leckborn is the CEO of the company, and Board of Directors include Dag Honningsvåg, Jakob G. Gravdal, and Lars Bratsberg. Key investors include Simula innovation, Altitude Capital, Cyrus, Innovation Norway among others.

Backed By Investors

Altitude Capital AS

The Adline team

Mikael Leckborn


Carl-Wilhelm Vedvik

COO & Co-Founder

Alexander Trofimov


Mike Damnjanovic


Nicolai Vedvik

Growth hacker

Contact us

Universitetsgata 2,
0164 Oslo

We’re located on the 10th floor at Oslo’s tech house, Rebel. Welcome.

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