A Simple Digital Marketing Platform To

Drive more traffic and conversions (even during this pandemic)

Welcome, I'm Elena.
Your New Digital Marketer.

I will help drive more traffic and conversions by optimizing your whole customer journey.

I will be your marketing assistant!

AI Elena
Digital Marketing Specialist

What works best for you?

I’ll find out what works best for you analyzing huge amounts of data.
Bye bye to guesswork.

Optimize your customer journey

Your customers have many touch points before a conversion. But what does this journey look like?  Elena will show you the whole customer journey, and where to optimize.

Identify the bottlenecks in your marketing

Discover where visitors drop off. Learn how users navigate your site using funnels. Small adjustments can increase your conversion rates through the roof.

AI Recommendations

“Hey, if you allocate 24% of your budget to Facebook you’ll likely see 12 more conversions weekly!”

Based on data and analytics, I’ll give you actionable advice on what you should do to improve your digital marketing.

Without the need of complicated reports and Google Analytics specialists, we remove the guesswork from your marketing.

No more guesswork. Data-driven marketing decisions. By the way, this is Artificial Intelligence – or AI as we call it.

Define and measure your goals

Define – in a click – the action points you want to measure. It can’t be easier.

Own your data

Adline collects a huge amount of data for you to make decisions based on facts. By analyzing this data, we find the best marketing mix for you. The data is 100% yours, and you are free to ask for your data anytime.

All-in-one advertising platform

We even built a powerful cross-channel advertising platform. Drive targeted traffic from Google, Facebook and Instagram.

No reason not to test it... After 24 hours you will discover your growth levers.

Do great marketing from one place

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