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Adline is an easy advertising & analytics software that helps you launch multichannel ads quickly. Powered with automatic ad optimization.

Appsumo Five Stars

Making advertising easy & profitable for more than 5,000+ business owners worldwide

The Team at Adline is Awesome! Shout out to CARL!

The platform is robust and has most of the features I would want. I have run into a few issues (On Googles Side, not Adline) and Carl has twice taken time to personally walk me through fixes or put me in touch with the developer team to fix it! That is great service and I really can count on them to help me deliver for my clients!
June 08, 23

Schreiner Karoly

Ad management is at least ten times easier

I have been managing Facebook and Google ads for a long time, so I know that they are getting more and more complicated. (Of course, they were never simple) This is precisely why many of my clients shy away from the treatment, because it is infinitely complicated. Adline can really help with this! If I say it took 5 minutes, I may have said a lot. And it works. Measure what you need.

Mr. Aloha

Mr. Aloha

Let’s Gooo!

It took me three weeks just to figure out the relationship between Google Ads, Analytics, and GTM and install the tracking scripts – that was a huge opportunity cost. After taking 3 weeks to finally have ALL the Google tracking scripts installed I found Adline.

Saved 10 hours pr month while increasing ROI by 32%

I am thrilled to share my experience with Adline, a platform that has simplified my ad workflow significantly. I’m an advisor at my company with many different responsibilities, and this tool has not only provided me with more control and improved performance but has also saved me approx. 10 hours every month. I’ve seen an increase of around 32% in increased conversions.

June 30, 23

The New Face Of Online Advertising

Everything is is one place so advertising across multiple platforms is easy. All the hard work has been done for you. All my technical problems are solved, no more need to understand Adwords or FB ads, it’s easy to create an ad or several which makes split testing easy.
Feb 26, 21

I have personally invested nearly $10,000 USD

Adline’s tool is truly remarkable when it comes to managing Facebook and Google ads effortlessly, without feeling overwhelmed. With everything conveniently consolidated in one place, targeting specific audiences has become incredibly easy. I have personally invested nearly $10,000 USD with Adline and have successfully reached my desired target groups.

Jun 28, 23

My 10/10 Experience with

The advertisements I put on produced excellent results. My company saw a massive increase in visibility, internet traffic, and client engagement due to their extensive reach and focused strategy. I was able to successfully monitor and improve the performance of my ads thanks to the detailed analytics offered by
Jun 13, 23



Great tool for Small businesses

I was searching for an ad management tool for my own business. I tried many similar tools on Appsumo before. Although every tool comes with its own set of USPs I finally settled with Adline. It is very-very simple to get started. Just choose the channels, upload the ad, and you are done. I also feel like ad performance tracking is very simple too.

Mike S

Mike S.

Love it!

I’ve been using Adline for a few days now so I’m just getting started but so far I love the ease of use, the simple process of creating ads, the analytics I’m already receiving, and the onboarding videos. Simple to set up and I think this will help us better understand how people are interacting with our website as well as the ads we run.

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Online advertising

Say goodbye to manual work. Quick and easy advertising center.

Copy winning ads
Advertising templates

Copy winning ads from advertisers world wide in the Template Library. Change image, text and buttons, and run your own winning ads.

Template library

Become profitable
Automatic optimization

Spend money wisely and grow your business with AI optimization.

Know it all
Code-free analytics

Easy conversion tracking. There are no limits on what you can analyze.

Premium feature
Funnel analytics

Map out each stage of your funnel or buying journey and measure the conversion rates between each stage of your funnel.

Run ads in seconds

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Adline is an super easy online ad-creator that helps you launch and run multichannel ads.

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