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Build epic ads and become omnipresent quickly & easily

Create compelling ads like the best. Let the machine do the rest.

Multi-Channel Advertising
In A Few Clicks

Create compelling ads like the best. Let the machine do the rest.

Platforms & partners

Imagine a team of digital marketers working for you…

For the price of a software. Elena will collect the data, train the algorithm and improve your advertising – making sure you increase your ROI.

Your marketing assistant

Hi! I’m Elena. I will help drive more traffic and conversions by optimizing your whole customer journey.

AI Elena
Digital Marketing Specialist

Optimize your
customer journey

Your customers have many touch points before a conversion. But what does this journey look like?  Elena will show you the whole customer journey, and where to optimize.

See results in 48 hours

Identify marketing

Discover where visitors drop off. Learn how users navigate your site using funnels. Small adjustments can increase your conversion rates significantly.

Real-Time ROI

See how your digital marketing performs. How many conversions, visitors and clicks you get? Manage your ad spend and see ROAS, page performance, engagement metrics and more.

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